Last updated 14/07/2017

1.       Welcome to the new members who, joined our community, this month.

2.       We were blessed to celebrate Mass with Father John Martyn, our new Parish Priest and Father Mudereri, the Chaplain, last Sunday.

3.       Congratulations to all the members of our community who graduated from various Universities this summer and best wishes to those going to University for the first time in September.

4.       A big thank you to vanaTete nana Sekuru , for supporting  the Youths in their activities  and to all the parents who paid for Youths to attend the Congress, on the 21st - 23rd July.

5.       There will be a NEC reps meeting on Saturday the 22nd of July in Leicester

6.       We are all invited to join St Anne&St Joachim Guild in celebrating  Zuva Guru on Saturday 22/07 in Leicester.

7.       There are still places available to attend the St Anne&St Joachim Guild  Congress from the 4-6th August.

8.       Our family fun day will be on Saturday the 29th Of July.  More details  on HT.

9.       There will be a mini- Music Course  for the Nottingham Catholic Community on the 28th of August. Details have been posted on HT

10.       Music Course 2018: You are all invited to look for a communion song from Mutare Diocese, composed in 2012. Any suggestions please  contact  the Choir/Liturgy Team.

Some recent events in pictures



The Zimbabwe Catholic Community in Nottingham (ZCCN) is affiliated to the Zimbabwe Catholic Pastoral Council for England and Wales (ZCPCEW).

ZCCN was founded in September 2008 and its mission is to:

  1. Worship and serve God and fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus Christ as set forth in Matthew 28:19-20.

  2. Preserve and uphold Catholic family values.

  3. Encourage members to participate in local and national ZCPCEW Catholics events to uphold the Zimbabwe Catholic values of fellowship.

  4. Minister to the needs of the members and others as the Church subgroup is able to do so.

  5. To draw the non-active Zimbabwean Catholics in Nottingham for the purpose of passing on our Zimbabwean Catholic heritage to our children raised in the diaspora. We believe this attenuates family challenges posed by the social challenges in the diaspora through having common family values centered around the Zimbabwe Catholic Christian values.


Zimbabwe Catholic Community in Nottingham (ZCCN)

The Divine Infant of Prague

51 Cherry Mount, Bestwood

Nottingham, NG5 5TQ



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Psalm 133:1

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.

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